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on “integrative therapy”, “supervision” and their “methods”

1972 – 2022 > 50 years of FPI and 40 years of EAG >
Integrative therapy, agogics, cultural work and eco-care

Taken from (Ergebnisse 1-7 von 7) Requests
POLYLOGUES 01/2024, Petzold H.G. (1999q): The Self as Artist and as Art Work - receptive art therapy and the healing power of the “aesthetic experience” - An Interview - 90
GREEN TEXTS - 07/2017 Petzold H. G., Hömberg R.: Ecopsychosomatics - An Integrative Core Concept in the "New Nature Therapies" 828
GREEN TEXTS - 06/2015 Petzold H.G., Orth I., Sieper J. (2014d): The “New Nature Therapies”, Going Green in Integrative Therapy – Ecological Awaereness Work “Towards Nature”: Salutogenetic Nature Experiencing, Landscape- Horticoculture and Animal Supported Therapy 796
GREEN TEXTS - 02/2015 Petzold H.G. (2014h): Depression is Grey – Therapy Green“! The „New Nature Therapies” in the Treatment of Depressions 742
POLYLOGUES - 22/2009 Petzold H.G. (2009a): Evolutionary Thinking and Developmental Dynamics in the Field of Psychotherapy - - Integrative Contributions Through Inter- and Trans-theoretical Conceptualization Homage to Charles R. Darwin (12.2.1809 - 19.4.1882) 724
THE HEALING POWER OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURAL WORK - 18/2019 An Interview with Hilarion G. Petzold, founder of Integrative Therapy
TEXT ARCHIVE - Petzold H.G. (2014i): Integrative Treatment of Depression Based on Neuroscience Changing the “Depressive Lifestyle” With “Bundles” of Complex Interventions in the “Third Wave” of Integrative Therapy 832
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